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Please note that the ARTSupport Constitution is the Copyright of the ARTSupport Society and must not be copied, reproduced, used or in any other way taken without the prior written permission of the ARTSupport Society

ARTSupport Constitution

1. The society shall be called ARTSupport, hereinafter referred to as "the Society".

2. The object of the Society is to further interest in, and the practice of, Fine Arts in and around Crewe and Nantwich. The objects shall be furthered by weekly meetings (on Wednesday), workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions, as organised from time to time.

3. Membership shall be open to all persons having an interest in Fine Arts. Membership will be granted upon acceptance by the Society, and payment of subscription. The Society may, at its discretion, operate a waiting list
4. Loss of Membership may occur due to the following:-
a. If a Member fails to pay their annual subscription having been notified, in writing, of the omission, and after a period of four weeks having elapsed from such notification, then they will be deemed to have resigned their Membership
b. If a Member does not attend for eight consecutive meetings then they will be deemed to have resigned their Membership. However this condition will not apply where illness, holiday or other notified period of absence is extant
5. Withdrawal of Membership, hereinafter referred to as "expulsion", may be applied to any Member if their behaviour is deemed to be in conflict with the best interests of the Society. Any proposal for expulsion must be proposed and seconded by Members of the Society and such notice of expulsion must be provided by them to a Committee Member in writing. The proposal for expulsion should then be put to the Membership at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose only. The Member who is being proposed for expulsion shall not be present at such a meeting. A simple majority of those Members present will decide. Should the proposal for expulsion be carried, then a Committee Member will write to the Member who is subject to the expulsion to inform them of the decision. The Society's decision with regard to Member expulsion will take immediate effect. The Society's decision will be final and no appeal procedure will be considered
6. Meeting Attendance Percentage and Non-Attendance Charge:- If a Member fails to attend sixty percent of meetings in a full-year period then that Member will pay £2 per meeting for the difference between their actual attendance percentage and sixty percent. The non-attendance charge will be levied at the AGM each year

7. An Annual General Meeting of the Members shall be held on the first Wednesday of November of each year, at which Officers shall be elected, and subscriptions (Membership and Day Fees) fixed for the ensuing twelve months. Members shall be given at least one weeks' notice, in writing, of the time and place of the Annual General Meeting. Fifty percent of the Membership shall form a quorum. Minutes of each Annual General Meeting shall be kept and signed as a true record at the next Annual General Meeting.

8. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members may be called at any time at the request of the Committee or at least sixty percent of the current Members of the Society. At least one weeks' notice shall be given in writing to all Members of the date, time, place and purpose of such meeting. Fifty percent of the Membership shall form a quorum. Minutes of each Extraordinary General Meeting shall be kept and signed as a true record at the next Annual General Meeting.

9. All Members shall have an equal voting right at Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings. In the case of a tied vote the Chairperson shall exercise a casting vote.

10. A Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected from, and by, the Membership of the Society at the Annual General Meeting
11. All offices within the Society shall be strictly honorary.

12. Members shall pay an annual subscription, and day fee of such sum as shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting. Annual subscriptions shall be due from the first meeting after the Annual General Meeting. Persons joining after the half year shall pay half the full subscription.

13. The Officers may pay accounts and incur normal liabilities on behalf of the Society. The Officers are hereby indemnified by the Society against any claim or demand in respect of any liability properly and bona fide incurred on behalf of the Society

14. The Society shall maintain a current account with the Cooperative Bank, Crewe. The Society's financial year shall be from 1st November to 31st October. The Treasurer shall maintain accounts of the Society's funds. The Treasurer shall present audited accounts to the Membership at each Annual General Meeting.

15. An independent honorary auditor shall be elected by the Members at each Annual General Meeting.

16. A copy of the Society's Constitution shall be given to each Member upon first joining, or when amended. Amendments to the Constitution may only be made at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members. Proposed amendments shall only be adopted upon receiving at least two thirds of the votes cast.

17. The Society may at any time be disbanded on the vote of a majority of the Members at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Upon such a decision being made, all funds remaining after the settlement of the Society's due debts shall be divided equally between the Members current at that time.